Hi guys, it’s Sasha here. I have been helping Afia with her social media now for quite some time. I am the one on the other end of the screen chatting to you guys, listening to your answers on our polls and IG stories etc etc. As a result, over the years we have gotten to know each other really well, which is amazing! But I realised I talk so much about Afia’s food and share the latest news on what’s going on in the company that I don’t always talk about MY favourites. Well, today is that day! I want to give you all the inside tips, the juicy goss on what I like the best and why. I have known Afia for YEARS and over those years have munched my way through every single one of Afia’s products. So buckle up, you’re about to get the insider’s scoop.

Right, so first things first, I genuinely do love all of Afia’s food. She is a talented chef, and has truly perfected her recipes, but today it’s all about favouritism. Afia has loads of products, from samosa, to paratha, to pakora, but today I am going to rank my TOP 3 favourites in Afia’s Samosa Shop. Here goes:

In third place, we have the chilli lamb. Before you read any further you will notice a theme here, I really like chilli, so most of my top picks will be chilli orientated! Afia’s Chilli Lamb Samosas are like no other, they are succulent, moist, and have the perfect amount of spice. Sometimes I eat samosa and all I can taste is the chilli heat but Afia has the perfect blend of spice and chilli, so her food has heat yet you can also taste the flavour. It is true perfection.

In second place, we have chilli chicken. The reason for this getting second place is that I am yet to find another company that does chicken samosa! And I love uniqueness! The combination of spice works so perfectly with the chicken. Afia has a real niche here and boy is it delicious! She also has mild version, which doesn’t have the heat of the chilli, but still the flavour of the spice, so give this a go if chillies aren’t your thing!

In very top place we have the dal samosa. This is by far my absolute favourite! This is so wonderfully unique which is why it gets first place in my eyes! She manages to get the perfect consistency, so inside each samosa parcel is a bite full of deliciousness. Truly an amazing idea and it works so well. It is no wonder Afia has won prize after prize for her food, she is one talented lady!

Afia has gluten free versions of all of these samosas I have listed above, but I have to say I don’t mind which pastry my samosa is parcelled up in, both are crunchy and hold together so well. My daughter is gluten free, so often we get the GF version, and it is one of the only GF snacks I can say with my hand on my heart that I don’t miss the “original” - because let’s be honest, lots of gluten free versions lack the flavour and consistency the original has to offer.

So there you have it, the dal - gluten free or traditional - is my absolute favourite. Let me know what you’d like me to spill on next… my favourite pakora? My favourite of Afia’s flatbreads? Let me know!