Is there such a thing as a healthy samosa?

The million-dollar question right? Like so many I love a samosa, pakora or paratha as much as the next person, but can they actually be healthy or rather healthIER? This is a question I was excited to find the answer to. My name is Sasha and I am in the midst of my studies to become a doctor in natural medicine, so as you can imagine living a healthy and fulfilled life is a top priority for me. My studies have encouraged me to treat food as medicine, and eat natural, toxin-free foods whenever possible. 

That doesn’t mean I deprive myself and stop eating foods I love and enjoy, as that wouldn’t be good for my mental health, and it’s all a balancing act. So I wanted to find a way to bring my samosa cravings into my healthy lifestyle. I have to say Afia’s Samosa Shop has been the answer. She has the option of ordering gluten free samosa, which is an absolute lifesaver! So many people have gluten intolerances; coeliac disease is the most intense and is an illness that runs in my family, with both my mum and my daughter suffering from it. Gluten can be problematic for so many but with my family’s health history, it’s all the more important that I stay away! Afia’s gluten free samosas taste like the real deal; her pastry is amazing, unlike most GF alternatives it doesn’t crumble, it holds its shape and most importantly doesn’t taste like cardboard! Afia’s food is freshly made, and arrives at your door frozen ready for you to heat and eat. The recommendation is to fry the samosa, but I like to oven bake them. It requires MUCH less oil, giving you a healthier alternative to a traditional samosa.

As a family we are plant based, which basically means we eat a whole load of veggies! I love that Afia has so many vegan options for us to choose from, the dal being my favourite. I have never seen a gluten free dal samosa anywhere else in the world, and it makes me so happy that I can just order them online and have them delivered straight to my door!

When Afia asked me to write a blog, I was trying to think of all the fun and interesting ways I enjoy her samosa, but I want to be 100% real with you - I have them on their own, so no chutney, no sauce, nothing. I just love the flavours she puts into her food and feel it doesn’t need any fancy dressing or fancy prep. I just pop them in the oven, wait until they are done, then put them on a big plate in the middle of the table for me and my family to fight over. It’s a real treat having Afia’s food, so it really is a fight!